On September 14th, SPE STT MIGAS Balikpapan boards and members visited Pertamina EP Asset 5 Sangasanga field.  When arrived there, we were welcomed from the staff there. We got safety induction first by watching a video. The video told us about what we had to do if any dangerous thing happened, such as we had to get to muster point if the siren sound also we always had to put personal protective equipment (helm, safety glasses, safety shoes, etc.,) in there.

After we got safety induction, we were introduced about Pertamina EP Asset 5 Sangasanga Field further. The staff told us about Pertamina generally and Pertamina EP Asset 5 Sangasanga Field specifically, like: the company’s history; their production achievement; their artificial methods; etc. I most remembered about their artificial lift. It were HSP (Hydraulic Pumping Unit, SRP (Sucker Rod Pump) and ESP (Electrical Submersible Pump). About their production achievement, it was about 8000 bpd.

Then we went to look their artificial lift. I was very excited because it was my first time to look at it. I asked to the operator there the difference between HSP and SRP, then the operator said they were same, I mean the way they worked. Then one of our friend had his opinion that the difference maybe for their place efficiency. He thought that HSP was more efficient than SRP.

After that we were going to their land rig. We were so lucky because we can see all of tools at rig directly. They were doing rig work-over when we arrived there. The staff there told us they are trying to perforate a new place, precisely a place above the old place. We can see floor men installing drill string. And our lecture told us that the size of drill string was about 9.6-10”. We also saw accumulator, BOP, draw work, many kind of pipe and the king of a rig, the mast.

After that we went back to Balikpapan. It was tiring of course but it was really worth. Thank you for Pertamina EP Asset 5 Sangasanga Field  for this opportunity and committee that already want to prepare this event.

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