“EOR” Sharing Class

SPE EOR Workshop Sharing Class is one of education and training team program. Since one of our board M Iqbal Rezza M just get back from EOR Workshop Schlumberger in Jakarta, so we planned to make a sharing class about the knowledge that he get from there. The objective of this event is to improve the knowledge of our internal boards and staff. We only open this sharing class for our boards and staff because we want to improve the skill and knowledge of our internal first before we can share it to the others, so not only one but all of our boards and staff can share this knowledge to the other students or SPE member. This sharing class is about to share M Iqbal knowledge after coming back from EOR Workshop with theme “ Reservoir Modelling on EOR Field ”.

The speaker of this event is one of our board M Iqbal Rezza M, he is a geology student in STT MIGAS Balikpapan Batch 2015, he got chosen as a delegate to attend Technology Workshop that held by Schlumberger at their office in Jakarta. Later, when he came back to Balikpapan we ask him to share his knowledge that he gets from that workshop to all of boards and staff of SPE STT MIGAS Balikpapan Student Chapter.

This event was held on Friday 6th April 2018 at Safir 201 building STT MIGAS Balikpapan. The event started by the opening from PIC and then directly to the main agenda which is sharing knowledge, all of the participants were excited and listen carefully while the speaker explain the materials that he got before, since the material is very attractive and most of the participants never learn it in campus so the participants look thrilled to take as much knowledge as possible, and not only that the participants, but the interest of participants also shown up since they are not only listening but asking some very good questions. After the speaker finishes to tell about all of the materials there is some quiz about the materials that had been told before, we got two winners and they received special gifts that specially prepared by the speaker. The event is closed after that and all of the participants went home that day with more knowledge in their head.

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