Reservoir Simulation Class

As future engineer, one of many skills that has to be prepared from now is skill in using petroleum software. In that case, Education and Training Team establishes a program called Software Sharing Class. The first software sharing class was held successfully on Saturday 18th March , 2018 at our campus. In this event the team had shared about how to use a petroleum software called “Mbal”. The materials were delivered by Shelty Pheronica Rana and Achmad Fauzi as our speaker of the event. The event started at 2 pm, began with the introduction to all boards and staff about basic material balance and continued with direct practical use of Mbal software. The participants came from boards and staffs from different batch such as from 2015, 2016 and 2017 batch. They were very enthusiast to follow each session of this event.

From the start of lecturer team explaining about the fundamental concept of material balance equation to the end the participant were listening to the explanation very well. The basic subjects were about fluid properties and also some of rock properties. The basics has been given so that  participants could understand better about the concept of material balance.

All participants were being guided to learn the tools about this software and explanations of it. In this class, the speaker was giving some case to calculate the Recovery Factor of the oil production, and the participants were so exited to hear about the use of this software , and to see some graphs in the software too.

Mbal itself is one of software which used in oil and gas industry to estimate the oil and gas reserve. We as students in petroleum engineering must have skill in using petroleum software to face the real world in the future. Because in this era, skills are important. Realizing the importance, participants hope there will be more event like this in the future. It showed from their feedback of this event, almost everyone of them want to learn more about petroleum software in the next event.We hope everyone involved in the event can improve their skill in using petroleum engineering and share it with others.

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