Software Sharing Class

On Sunday 13th May 2018 at Intan Building 104 STT MIGAS Balikpapan, Internal of SPE STT MIGAS Balikpapan SC had a chance to learn about one of software from Petroleum Expert called GAP. This special training brought by Mas Bintan Pradika. He taught us very clearly about production and GAP itself. We were enthusiast to follow his lecture and step by step in using GAP.

                                                                        During his explanation about Production and GAP

His lecture was started at 5 PM and has done at 6.30 PM. It was started by his explanation about the concept of IPR (Inflow Performance Relationship) and TPR (Tubing Performance Relationship) to us. During his explanation, we were very excited AND heard carefully everything about the lecture. After the explanation about IPR and TPR concept finished, he explained about GAP itself based on theory and how to use GAP from the manual book.

We were following how to use GAP from his explanation that showed by the projector. We made one well, one separator and linked both of them with joint and pipe. After that, we input the data based on assumption. We ran the software to get the value of pressure wellhead.

                                                        The participants look very serious to follow Mas Bintan’s explanation

We continued to make other wells to know the pressure wellhead in each of wells that we’ve made. He also explained that we can input the data of reservoir from Mbal to GAP and there were more things that he taught us. After his lecture finished, we were having a good chat with Mas Bintan, he shared his experiences, college life, and motivate us as well.

The participants of this training were 21 participants from Internal of SPE STT MIGAS Balikpapan SC. Hopefully, from this training, they can spread the knowledge which they got to the others and also can encourage them to fight more in their study especially in software skill. See you in the next event.

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