SPE CARE: Orphanage Visit

Who doesn’t want to improve kindness in the Holy month of Ramadhan? Even not in Ramadhan, everybody does. We can improve our kind and gratitude in many ways, like helping others in need.

On this special occasion, SPE visited the orphanage to meet the orphans and do charity. This orphanage called ‘Panti Asuhan & Pondok Pesantren Nurul Khairat Lil-Muhibbin’ and located in Sepinggan, Balikpapan. Yes, it also includes Islamic boarding school. Participants of this event are from Board and Staff of SPE STT MIGAS Balikpapan SC and orphans itself. Total participants are 107 people, not all members could join that day because of one or two personal reasons.

This event started after pray Asr, which is about 4 p.m. After the opening speech given, the orphans grouped into groups based on their school level (elementary, middle, and high school). After that, we mingled with them randomly. We shared with each other, told stories and jokes, and anything to have some fun. This session was common however still meaningful because we can know each other more.

After sharing session, we continued with games session which was very fun and exciting!. In this session, we grouped into 4 groups randomly. There were some games that train kids brain in a fun way. One of the games is done by impersonating animals and guessing it. The orphans seemed excited and enjoy the games! We were totally having fun and forget that we were still fasting at that time because we didn’t feel hungry or thirsty at all.

When the time is getting closer to iftar (about 6 p.m), we sat in circle as we passed the takjil. At that moment, the atmosphere became very devout and peaceful. Till finally the time to break the fast, we ate our appetizers (takjil) and took wudhu (ablution before prayers) to pray Maghrib together. After pray Maghrib, we sat in circle again and started to have our main course.

After that, we did charity by giving gifts to each orphan and provided basic needs (like groceries) to the orphanage. And the last but not least, we took photos together before closing the event.

It was a great day with new experiences! The orphans and their caretakers were grateful because of our charitable contribution and donation that helps a lot and we were grateful to see their happiness. We should realize that caring is important because tons of people deserve things they can’t get, and if we want to at least give gratitude, kindness, or maybe our productivity in the Holy month of Ramadhan, the first step is to help people in need and share with them, it will please yourself to help them moreover if you make it a habit.

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