SPE STT MIGAS Celebrate HPSN 2018 with Earth Hour Balikpapan

This activity is one of the work programs from subdivision Public Relation External division. This event also commemorates with “Hari Peduli Sampah Nasional (HPSN) 2018”. This activity has known as Pubertas(saPU BERsih TunTAS) which intends to improve awareness to the amount of waste in Balikpapan and mindful about the use of hazardous plastic waste.

This activity was held on Sunday, February 25, 2018. The location of the activity was divided into two places, Taman Bekapai as Muster Point and Beach near Balikpapan Center Mall. This activity was held from 10.00 am to 12.00 pm. This activity attended by several communities such as Duta Anti Narkoba, Duta Lingkungan Hidup, MTMA Balikpapan, Muda Mengajar, Pramuka Uniba, Balikpapan Tolong Menolong and other communities. In addition, there are several media partners who joined: Balikpapanku, Welovebalikpapan, Kpfmbalikpapan, infobalikpapan and from SPE STT MIGAS Balikpapan itself were delegating 10 people for this event.

The activity began with opening and direction from the Event Coordinator. Then proceed with each participant collecting garbage using a sack. All participant were very enthusiastic to follow the event. Everyone involved was working hand in hand to clean up garbage starting from Taman Bekapai area.

Then continued to the beach area of Balikpapan Center Mall there was a lot of garbages scattered all over. The type of waste that was cleaned is all types of products made from plastic. The participant was excited about picking up the garbage without thinking about the dirty and smelly garbage. After the activity of cleaning the garbage done, the small sack which used by participants then transferred to big sack to be transported to garbage truck.

While waiting for the garbage truck provided by the Balikpapan City Environmental Agency, the participants took a photo as a documentation of this activity. After that, the male participants worked together to transport the trash to the truck.

After all the garbage has been transported. Event Coordinator closed the event thanked participants who were willing to attend that day. Then all participants back to muster point that was in Bekapai Park. The event was closed by team of Earth Hour Balikpapan by providing consumption such as corn on the cob and sweet potato.


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