Video Motion Graphic Class

Video Motion Graphic Class is the second special program from Creative Design Division with purpose to make all Boards and Staff know the basic stuff about creating some simple animation in a video.

This event was held on Wednesday,11th April 2018 at Safir Building 204 STT MIGAS Balikpapan. The speaker in this event was Adi Kaleb, the BoD of Creative Design Division.

The participant were from all Boards & Staff of SPE STT MIGAS Balikpapan. Before the class started, the speaker was preparing the software to be installed in the laptop of the participants. The Class Started at 05:00 PM and was opened by Kaleb explaining about the basics about computer hardware like processor, ram, and graphics card. In order for the software to run smoothly in participants laptop, there are some minimum requirement of specification of the laptop. Because not everyone got the minimum requirements, some participants joined another person that had a better laptop specification.

Video motion graphics are pieces of digital footage or animation which create the illusion of motion, and are usually combined with audio for use in multimedia projects. In that special class, the participants were given a task to create a motion video based on their own personal information.

Some tools were introduced by the speaker to the participants. The way to do animations to the object was also given like rotation, scale, opacity,  and position. The most important in creating a video is time management. A project must have a duration, it can be short or long depend on the user and for what that video is made for. There are keyframes also for an object to be animated in that certain time in the video. The Last part of creating a video is exporting. Without knowing the correct way to export, a video might be oversized to a gigabytes for a one minute video. The correct way is exporting to .mov of H264 is by installing quicktime first. The examples of motion graphics video were shown to help the participant got their own idea how their video later be done.

The participants were doing great in creating a motion graphics video. Creativity is the key in making a unique video. The participants also added some background musics to their video to make it more alive. Different style and way were used by the participants in order to catch people attention when they are watching the video. The class was closed by taking photos together.

The participants were so exited in creating a motion graphics video with their creativity. Hopefully this class might help everyone when given a task to make an information video in the future.

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