ARBITAN: Aksi Pembibitan Mangrove


Coinciding with the new year on 01 January 2020 the Youth communities in Balikpapan held an activity called “ARBITAN: Aksi Pembibitan Mangrove”. This activity is an annual activity held every 01st of January.

This activity was organized by “Earth Hour” and Cakep (Cita Rasa Kebaikan Pelajar) that invites other communities to participate in this useful activity, there are about 100 people who participated in this planting of mangrove, this event conducted in Manggar Mangrove Centre.

Each community will send at least 10 representatives, all representatives gathered at 08 am in the muster point Asrama Haji Manggar, after all gathered in muster point, the project manager give briefing for the event and prayed together.

After that, we directed towards to Manggar Mangrove Centre where planting mangrove seedlings. Previously, each was divided into several groups to find the mangrove seedlings, after all quite a lot then the planting of seedlings in the polybag.

This activity such a interesting event because each participant comes from a different background, and this is our opportunity to introduce about of SPE STT MIGAS Balikpapan SC. They were quite interested after we briefly explained about SPE, and some of them wanted to invite SPE to collaborate on the next agenda.

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