About Us

SPE STT MIGAS  Balikpapan SC, short of Society of Petroleum Engineers Sekolah Tinggi Teknologi Minyak dan Gas Bumi Balikpapan Student Chapter, is a non for profit organization and Student Chapter of SPE International which established as a Student Chapter on February 1st, 2004. We are grouped in Asia Pacific Region, especially in Balikpapan Section. SPE Student Chapters provide the opportunity for its student members to exchange technical information and network with peers and industry professionals.


Make SPE STT MIGAS Balikpapan SC a leading-edge organization in professionalism and to embrace STT MIGAS Balikpapan student’s to level up their oil and gas technical knowledge, also shaping professional skills.


  1. Make SPE STT MIGAS Balikpapan SC an excellent organization in giving a powerful impact to level up hard skills and soft skills.
  2. Make SPE STT MIGAS Balikpapan SC a platform of self-development for members to explore their potential through various kinds of competitions.
  3. Make SPE STT MIGAS Balikpapan SC a bridge to strengthen the relationship between boards, staff, members, and professionals.